D. A. D. D. Y.

I experienced a moment of complete anxiety, followed by a rush of excitement, and a flood of emotions. Ready or not, I’m going to be a dad!

My wife and I were walking home a couple days back, and she said pretty nonchalantly: “You know, in a couple years, you’ll have a baby running circles around you, calling you papa/daddy/dad.” I struggled to come up with an adequate response to this somewhat benign, matter-of-fact, statement. I experienced a moment of complete anxiety, followed by a rush of excitement, and a flood of emotions. Ready or not, I’m going to be a dad!

I’ve been thinking a lot (almost constantly) about our little bean, and what being pregnant means to us, and how different the experience is for my wife. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not in the least bit jealous of the physiological (and, sometimes, psychological) side effects that my wife will (is) go(ing) through; I’m somewhat jealous of the bond that my wife has with our little bean, and the closeness she feels for the little tadpole. I guess that’s the one side effect that makes it all worth it for mom!

Now, my wife’s been freaking out constantly about the health and vitality of the little baby growing inside of her. I understand the source of her concerns and have been trying to calm her down, but she’s now started to freak me out. We don’t get to visit with the doctor for another 16 days, so it’s going to be a rough ride in the interim. Even then, we’re not sure when to expect the first ultrasound – we just want to hear the baby’s heart beating! We just want to make sure that everything is all right, and that she’s growing well and progressing well! I’m a scientist and an engineer – I want to have a way to be able to tell what’s what, accurately, predictably, and immediately! But, we must wait. Patience is key. We must learn to take things one day at a time. It’s hard, but it is what it is. That’s the magic of child birth – and it’s somewhat mind boggling…

While we wait, though, I’m continuing to master the art of portrait photography, although I have to say it’s a little hard with 2 fidgety cats as your subjects. I can’t wait to have the baby arrive so that I can take a gazillion pictures of her with her mother! In the meanwhile, I will continue shooting landscapes and cityscapes, and perhaps sneak in a few baby shots here and there!

DSC_0016 (2)Here’s one of our furry babies, Max and Zak, during one of their rarer “we’re twins and we’re best friends” moments, captured by my wife. Enjoy!

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1 Response to D. A. D. D. Y.

  1. hautemomma2B says:

    I am sorry I am freaking you out, honey! I just want reassurance that everything is proceeding normally, and I hate that it is largely out of our control at this point!

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